DeepCrawl’s JavaScript Rendered Crawling is Now Live

Crawl JavaScript Sites With DeepCrawl’s new Rendered Crawling Integration

Try it now Simply choose Rendered Crawling as an add-on to any of our packages

We have vastly strengthened our crawling capabilities so you can now crawl the rendered version of pages on sites that use JavaScript to modify their content.

Our market-leading crawler now allows you to understand the technical health of pages that use JavaScript to inject content and links into the DOM.


With our rendered crawling
update you can:


Understand how search engines see your JavaScript site

Our new found crawling capabilities allow you to find out if content and links modified by JavaScript are rendered correctly for search engines to index.


Discover what search engines see before and after rendering

Setting up separate crawls with rendering switched on and off, will let you see how crawlable your pages are before and after rendering.


Have no fear, we crawl carefully

We make sure to cache resources so that your server won’t be overloaded. We also block a range of tracking scripts so a rendered crawl won’t result in unwanted ad or analytics impressions.


Inject custom JavaScripts

To allow for additional analysis and page manipulation, we've added a feature for you to inject any Javascript libraries or code that you like.

3 steps to crawling JavaScript Sites

Before the crawl

Add JavaScript Rendering as an add-on and click to enable it in the first stage of your crawl setup.

During the crawl

Sit back and relax while we crawl your site, parse the rendered DOM and compile your site’s data into a ton of juicy reports. Or stick the kettle on if you fancy a brew?

After the crawl

You’ll be able to view all of DeepCrawl’s renowned reports based on the rendered version of the page and for all of the URL sources that you’ve uploaded to the crawl.

So what are you waiting for?

JavaScript rendered crawling is but
a couple of clicks away!

Try it now or Read more on our blog